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Planned Maintenance Calorex Delta

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

Full service carried out on a Calorex Delta 4, the old ones are the best!

Equipment installed by Merlin Swimming Pools, great job guys!

Did you know water pressure switches are prone to failure? The water pressure below was replaced just in time.

Although a competent DIY'er might fancy ago, be warned mains voltage and water is extremely hazardous. These little fellas also have a tendency of snapping off which can be a bit of a nightmare.

All the best Calorex service agents will have these onboard their vehicles and I would encourage using their services. As a preventative measure I would recommend changing water pressure switches every 24 months, if you would like to keep a spare onsite for emergencies check out my store or get in touch for service, spares or repairs.

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