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Introducing the Inverter Comfortline heat pump, the ultimate solution for efficient and effective pool heating. This heat pump is powered by a DC inverter compressor, which allows it to adjust its heating capacity intelligently from 20% to 100% based on the heating demands.

In the beginning of the season, when heating demand is high, the Inverter Comfortline runs at full compressor and fan speed to quickly heat your pool. As the temperature stabilizes, the Inverter Comfortline automatically adjusts to a lower speed for energy saving while maintaining a higher COP (Coefficient of Performance).

The Inverter Comfortline heat pump features a steel body, GMMC AC Inverter Compressor, and an easy-to-use control panel for an informative user interface. It also includes a silence mode for night-time running and an auto defrost function that allows the unit to be run down to 0 degrees. With 30% greater surface area on the Titanium Spiral heat exchanger and HP Booster Technology, the Inverter Comfortline is at least 20% more efficient than standard heat pumps. It also comes with a 1.5" female plain socket and is salt water safe up to 3.5%.

Inverter Comfortline Heat Pump

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