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Adway Heat Pumps is proud to introduce the Norsup Supra filter, a top-quality pool equipment made from durable fibreglass reinforced polyester with a UV-resistant gel coat. This filter boasts a 290mm wide opening, making sand changes a breeze, while its transparent cover can be easily secured to the filter body with its twelve threaded bolts. The clear cover also allows for easy monitoring of filter dirt levels.

Additional features include a maximum working pressure of up to 3 bar, a Praher 6-way valve, and a 10-year tank warranty, plus a 5-year valve warranty. Certified according to DIN-EN 16713, the Norsup Supra filter is exclusively available from Bevo/Bosta.

Upgrade your pool's filtration system with the Norsup Supra filter from Adway Heat Pumps. Contact us or visit our website to learn more and place your order today.

Norsup Sand filter fibreglass-reinforced polyester

Pre-order now for this years pool heating season
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