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Introducing the AquaX Full Inverter TurboSilence Heat Pump, the ultimate solution for quiet and efficient pool heating. This heat pump uses a unique backwards airflow system that creates a noise level as quiet as a refrigerator during operation, making it up to 12 dB(A) quieter than standard on/off heat pumps.

The AquaX Full Inverter TurboSilence Heat Pump also features a full inverter system that is active and efficient, with double energy-saving and a COP up to 16.1. It has 3 settings: boost mode for fast heating, silence mode for quiet operation, and automatic mode for cost-effective day-to-day heating or cooling. With built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, you can easily control and monitor the heat pump from your smart device.

The Turbo and Smart mode options also allow for greater flexibility in heating capacity. The manufacturers offer a 7-year warranty for the heat exchanger and compressor, and a 2-year warranty for parts (with only parts covered after 12 months).

Aqua Inverter Turbo Pro Turbo Silence Inverter Heat Pump

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